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Mens Cream customers:

The production of Mens Cream is temporarily halted. As many of you know, Mens Cream does not have a recipe and has been made in small batches by hand for 20 years. It hasn't yet been possible to mass produce Mens Cream and still maintain it's awesome hallmarks.

The pharmaceutical-grade ingredients used in Mens Cream can vary to the extent that it frequently requires 4 to 5 working days to reformulate the proportions whenever new materials arrive. Needless to say, production remains necessarily small - as you have noticed in not being able to find Mens Cream anywhere but here for the past few years. In so many words, providing you with Mens Cream has been a labor of love and judging by your generous comments over the years, you feel that Mens Cream stands in a class by itself!

The problem with having a small production, however, is being able to withstand the global economic rumblings that have rocked even the most seasoned businesses. We're catching our breath here, too.

It has been a business doing pleasure with you - and we look forward to doing so again! Many thanks in making Mens Cream a classic!


If you would like to be informed when Mens Cream is available again, please leave your contact information with us here. If you choose to be contacted by email, please set your email program options so that our correspondence will not be routed to your junk folder. Many thanks!