Masturbation. A Man’s Pleasure, A Man’s Ritual

Masturbation is an important and healthy part of a man’s sexuality. For many men, it’s the most familiar and reliable of sexual pleasures. MENS CREAM enhances the sensation and augments the pleasure. It’s the slicker, cleaner, longer-lasting lubricant.

This lubricant feels better than the rest

While many drug store lotions and jellies actually dull sensation, MENS CREAM personal lubricant heightens sensitivity and stays slick and sheer.  And unlike water-based lubricants which can become thick, sticky and gunky,  MENS CREAM remains smooth and fluid.  Best of all, it wipes completely clean with a dry towel Рno sticky residue!

Made from superior ingredients

MENS CREAM contains no harmful chemicals, no cloying fragrances, no nonoxynol-9. It’s formulated from pharmaceutical-grade oils and is hypo-allergenic and vitamin-E¬†enhanced. MENS CREAM was awarded “Health Product of the Year” by¬†Men’s Confidential, a publication of Men’s Health and Prevention magazines.

Do not use Mens Cream or any other oil-based personal lubricant with condoms. It is not a contraceptive, nor does it prevent the spread of sexually-transmitted disease. This product may stain fabric.